Whoever gets the least amount of sleep is the winner.  This person can work more, earn more money, and accomplish more.  This is what our culture in the USA tells us.  

However, I have learned from my own experiences and other people’s that this is not true.  People who do not rest make more mistakes at work, endanger their fellow drivers (it’s almost like drunk driving to drive sleep deprived), and lessen their productivity. 

Do you have a daily to-do list?  I have mostly weekly lists, but do you know what task is never on that list?  It’s rest.  Of course I rest every day, but of all the important things that need to be done, I omit an important task, rest.  How diligent are you to accomplish tasks on your list–and not on your list–but neglect rest.  

In the first book of the Bible, God rested on the seventh day after He created the world.  “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.” (Genesis 2:2)  I find it to be rather amazing that an omnipotent God rested after He spoke the world into existence!  

1. Rest gives you a new perspective.  

At the time of the writing of this article, I had taken one week off my blogging and business responsibilities to rest, relax, and refresh.  That time gave me a few new helpful perspectives.  

Other times that I have taken time to rest have refreshed and re-inspired me.  People with whom I come in contact benefit from that rest!  

2.  Rest allows your body to heal.  

When you are ill, rest is one of the best remedies.  During illness is not the only time your body needs to heal, though.  Your body needs to recover from stress and from daily work.  If you are neglecting rest by robbing your body of sleep and also by not taking any time off work responsibilities, your body will suffer.  

If you exercise, you know that your muscles need rest.  All your body needs rest, though, not just your muscles. 

3.  Rest reduces stress. 

One way I know that I have not rested enough is that I am stressed out.  I have been going, going, going with no breaks.  When I am stressed out, I am not a pleasant person.  Those around me suffer. 

After an extra-long night of rest or a long time reading a book and relaxing, it’s amazing how low my stress levels are.  

4.  Rest makes you more productive. 

I do not function well on four hours of sleep.  When I get enough rest, whether it is a vacation or a good night’s rest, my productivity levels are considerably higher.  It’s somewhat of a paradox that you should rest more to accomplish more, but it is true.  

Have you ever stayed up to work on a project when you are already exhausted and accomplished maybe fifteen minutes of work in one hour?  On the other hand, rest can help you accomplish more in less time.  One of the reasons this is true is that resting will give you energy.  

5.  Rest makes you a more pleasant person. 

When I am run down or have not had much rest the previous night, I am not pleasant.  On the other hand, I am more cheerful and pleasant when I give my body proper rest.  When you feel that you are becoming difficult to be around, get some extra rest.  Better yet, schedule a vacation or staycation. 

6.  Rest is good for your heart. 

Stress negatively impacts your heart’s health.  Rest and sleep will help your heart’s health.  A healthy heart may mean a longer life.  Heart attacks and other heart issues will force you to rest–most likely in the hospital.  Why not rest voluntarily and enjoy it?  

7.  Your resting will inspire others to rest. 

Rest is counter-cultural.  When you take time to rest, you may encourage others to do the same.  Be a good influence on someone and tell them about how your last day off, vacation, or extra-long night’s rest positively impacted you.  

Bonus:  resting may help you avoid weight gain.  When I consistently deprived my body of rest, I ate so much more and therefore gained weight.  

How has resting impacted you in a positive way?  Please  share in the comments below!  

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