My stomach had been hurting for days.  That was one of my health woes in college.  Digestive issues are very uncomfortable and could be very dangerous as well, if they are prolonged.  

Your body detoxes through your skin and through your digestive tract.  If your digestive tract is not working properly, toxins will build up in your body.  These toxins can cause acne (read more here), headaches, backaches and joint pain ( both through inflammation), low immunity, and even cancer.  

Digestive issues can present themselves as heartburn, consipitation, collitis, and many other ways.  

Here are five ways you can improve your digestion without drugs.  

1.  Keep meal conversations pleasant. 

Being upset or angry can hinder your food from being properly digested.  Plus, you can lose your appetite altogether.  If you have something unpleasant to discuss, save that converation for later.  

2.  Don’t eat fruit for dessert.  

No, I am not telling you to stop eating fruit, but fruit is very acidic.  Eat it half an hour before your meals could actually improve your digestion.  If you eat fruit after your meal, you could experience quite a bit of discomfort.  

3.  Drink warm beverages. 

Yes, during the summer you probably want to avoid warm beverages altogether.  However, those ice cold beverages may be contributing to your digestive issues.  If you can’t stand warm beverages, at least drink chilled instead of iced ones. 

4.  Avoid prescription antibiotics. 

Prescription antibiotics kill all the good AND bad bacteria in your gut.  The good bacteria is essential for good digestion and for a healthy immune system.  The best way to avoid prescription antibiotics is to take excellent care of your immune system. 

5.  Eat more vegetables. 

Vegetables contain much fiber, which, along with water, can improve your digestion.  If vegetables are aggravating your digestive issues, be sure to lightly steam them before you eat them.  Also, be sure to eat organic vegetables, or at least ones that have not been sprayed with pesticides and insecticides.  

Since my digestion has improved, I hardly ever have joint pain, headaches, or backaches.  I am also not tired as often.  

If you are experiencing digestive issues, it is vital to resolve them as quickly as possible so that they cause minimal damage to your body.  The best and fastest way to do so is through natural remedies.  I’d love to share with you the exact products that helped me.  I have been taking them for 7 years and feel better in my 30’s than I did in my teens.  Just fill out this short questionnaire, and I will be in touch with you shortly.  

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