The family bathroom is a place that needs to be kept clean to keep your family healthy and your guests to feel welcome.  

Whether or not it is flu season, it is vital to keep the bathroom clean since it is a high-traffic room in the home, as is the kitchen.  

I know that if I neglect the below tasks, my bathroom looks dirty quickly.  

Since most of us do not want to spend hours and hours cleaning up accumulated messes, here are five ways to keep the bathrooms in your home cleaner.  

1. Spray your shower walls and floor each day. 

After the last person has taken a shower, spray the walls and floor of the shower with an all-purpose cleaner.  If you are ambitious, give the shower a quick wipe down with a cloth to avoid having to scrub during your weekly and seasonal cleaning.  Wiping off the water will prevent water stains and unpleasant things such as mold and mildew.  

2.  Stretch out your shower curtain to dry.  

If you allow your shower curtain to become gathered together, it will get moldy and mildewy.  It takes just a few seconds to straighten it out over the entire shower curtain rod to keep your bathroom cleaner and tidier!

While spraying the shower walls and tub, I also spray the curtain, especially the lower part of it, with my multi-purpose cleaner.  

3.  Keep counters clear. 

Your counter should have on it a soap dish with a bar of soap (or a liquid soap dispenser) and possibly a vase of flowers.  When all your toiletries are sitting out, they gather dust, hairspray, and dirt.  

Assign each family member a drawer or basket for his personal toiletries to keep them off the bathroom counters.  

4.  Limit decor. 

While it may be cute to have faux flowers, witty sayings, and other memorabilia in your family bathroom, consider keeping just two or three items of decor and putting away the rest.  If you really love it all, you can rotate your decor.  

Decor will be another item to clean in the bathroom.  

Instead of decorating with knicknacks, consider purchasing items that are beautiful and useful, such as elegant hand towels and pretty soap dispensers.  

5.  Wash your shower curtain and rugs each week.  

It is nearly impossible for anything on a bathroom floor to stay truly clean.  It takes just a few minutes to gather up the rugs and shower curtain and to wash them.  

Bonus:  clean your sink, mirror, and commode each day.  It will take just a few minutes to wipe everything down and will prevent your having to scrub the bathroom for two hours on Saturday or Friday.  Spots on the mirror wipe up quickly–unless they are days or weeks old.  

You will also keep your family healthy–as long as you are not using toxic cleaners.  If a friend is on her way for an unexpected visit, it will take you maybe five to seven minutes to make sure your bathroom is clean and presentable, and no one will need to be embarrassed.  🙂 

What are your best ways to keep your bathroom clean and sparkly?  Please share in the comments below. 

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