Pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, and now Covid-19 are all realities which are aggravated by cold weather.  Your respiratory health is at risk especially during cold weather.  

I have heard from a few people who have had Covid, and it was terrible for all of them.  Some people get bronchitis and pneumonia every year.  

The great news is that you don’t have to fear respiratory illnesses when you know how to support your respiratory health. 

No one has time for doctor’s visits, expensive prescription medications, and two to four weeks of misery.  

If you want to stay well this fall and winter, here are three steps you can take: 

1. Limit your dairy and sugar intake. 

Sugar and dairy are favorites in the American diet.  However, both should be quite limited in your diet if you want to support your respiratory health.  Both foods cause inflammation as well as mucus.  Instead of cow’s milk you can try goat’s milk or almond milk.  Instead of sugar you can eat limited amounts of fruit.  

Remember that foods such as salad dressings, ketchup, fruit juices, and granola bars have large amounts of added sugars.  

2.  Banish all toxic cleaners from your home.  

How do you know it is toxic?  A quick way to know is that you purchased it from Walmart, Target or Walgreens.  Most of their cleaners are toxic.  Be careful, though, because the words natural and green have no standards, and purchasing expensive cleaners from health food stores isn’t always a safe option either.  Here are the main cleaners that I have personally had problems with:  Windex, anything with bleach or Clorox in it, Mr. Clean, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, and Lysol.  

There are reports of people whose asthma has completed vanished when they got rid of toxic cleaners in their homes.  

When you clean, you are breathing the cleaning solutions you are using, and many cleaners do irritate your lungs.  Go here to learn more about side effects of cleaners. 

3.  Remove toxic candles from your home.

One way that people stay cozy during the fall and winter is to burn candles.  I used to do the same until I realized the scents were making me ill.  

One time I was a vendor at a craft show, and a lady was selling her home-made candles nearby.  I had a hard time breathing and developed a headache rather quickly.  You see, just because something is home-made, it does not indicate that the raw products used were healthy.

The only candles you should use are beeswax candles.  

Bonus tip:  get outside as often as possible.  During the cold months, it is easy to stay inside to stay warm.  However, you can bundle up and go outside for a walk.  It is imperative to get fresh air as much as possible. 

Before the weather gets unbearably cold, open windows and patio doors to air out your home.  When the cold winter months come, air out rooms when no one is in them.  

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If you are tired of suffering from respiratory illnesses all fall and winter, I know how you feel because I have been there myself.  Please know that you are not alone, and I would love to help you with natural remedies recommended by a medical doctor.  Avoiding illness is much easier and less stressful than recovering from it.  If you are ready to invest in your health, just fill out this short questionnaire, and I will reply within 24 hours with a personalized recommendation for you.