Winter can be a stressful time because of ice storms, blizzards, poor road condtions, and frigid weather.  It can be stressful because there are many unknowns.

How much snow will we get?  Will it turn into a blizzard?  Will the ice storm keep me home for three days?

Stress is something most people do not want more of in their lives, and it is dangerous for your health.  You can read more about the dangers of stress here.

Winter can be a cozy time to hibernate, read more, and get more rest.  Here are five ways you can stress less this winter:

1. Maintenance your car so that it does not leave you stranded on a cold day.

Do you need new tires? Do you need an oil change? Are all your fluids topped off?  Are your windshield wipers in good condition?

Also, be sure to fuel your car well before the fuel light goes on.

2. Leave early for any events.

In order to avoid stress due to poor road condtions, leave your house early for work and any other events you will attend. You may need to drive slower than the speed limit due to icy roads or slow traffic during a snowstorm.  You can also listen to soothing music during your commute to help lower your stress levels.

It is also imperative to discern when it is the wiser choice to stay home rather than to go out in a blizzard.

3. Stock your pantry.

If you live where it snows, you may be snowed in a day or two before the plows get to you and you can leave your home.  Also, food trucks can be delayed due to snowstorms.

You will want to be able to feed your family in case your grocery shopping day is delayed for a day or two. To avoid unnecessary stress, have enough ingredients to make your family’s favorite meals several times.

This way, any “snow days” can be a joy with your favorite food on hand instead of a stressful day where you have nothing to eat.

If you live in the southern United States, the forecast of a snowstorm can cause people to panic buy everything from batteries to milk.  Instead of worrying whether forecasts are correct, purchase some extra food each time you go grocery shopping.

4. Have a backup for your vitamins.

Winter is a time you need extra nutrition.  Whether you order your vitamins online or someone delivers them to your door, it is imperative to have an extra bottle of each so that delays due to wintry weather do not leave you without your vitamins.  Don’t stress; just purchase some extra vitamins.  🙂

5. Take excellent care of your immune system.

Bronchitis, colds, pneumonia, strep throat, and hospitalization can all increase you and your family’s stress levels. Be sure to eat real food, including raw, organic onions and garlic, both of which help support the immune system.

Take walks outside for fresh air.  Being outside reduces your stress levels.

Prioritize sleep.  It’s less stressful to prioritize sleep than to become ill and to be forced to prioritize sleep.  Since your body repairs itself during sleep, it is important to get sufficient sleep.

Another way that taking excellent care of your immune system will reduce stress is keeping you out of the doctor’s office.  You won’t need to worry about visiting the doctor and catching something worse than what you currently have.

Here are some of the products that I use to support my immunity during the winter: 

Forever Daily multivitamin 

Forever Garlic Thyme

Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea

Aloe Vera Gel

Forever Active Pro-B

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