At the time of the writing of this article, we are over half a year into various consequences of Covid-19.  From unemployment to hospitalization to anxiety and depression, the consequences of this virus and actions taken due to it are endless. 

Businesses have closed or are on the verge of closing.  A local mall is autioning off half its retail space as part of the foreclosure process.  

While most people are frustrated, stressed out, and ready for 2020 to be over, let’s look at the silver lining.  No matter how undesirable a situation or event is, we can step back and learn lessons from it. 

I trust that the lessons that Covid-19 taught us will be remembered long-term. 

1. Washing your hands is not for those who have nothing else to do. 

Washing your hands is a very important task and is often omitted by those in a hurry.  It is also often neglected when a person is traveling or eating somewhere other than their home. 

Be sure that you are washing your hands with hot water and a gentle–not-anti-bacterial–soap at these times:  

  • Before eating 
  • Before and during cooking
  • Before and after handling raw meat 
  • Before and after changing a baby’s diaper
  • After using the restroom 
  • After blowing your nose 
  • After arriving home from shopping (You’ve touched doors, keys, money/credit cards, merchandise touched by others, and much more)
  • After cleaning 
  • When your hands are visibly soiled 

You can read more on the CDC website.  

When it is not possible to wash your hands with soap, use a natural hand sanitizer that won’t dry out your hands.  

2.  Cleaning is not an actiivty only for bored people. 

During Covid-19, many stores began cleaning more often.  I am glad to see employees at certain stores still cleaning grocery cart handles. 

At home, cleaning is just as important.  Having a clean kitchen and a clean bathroom is one way to help keep your family healthy.  

Cleaning, when done properly, gets rid of harmful bacteria that can cause illness.  Please be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals to clean at home, though, because they can actually cause illness instead of helping you to avoid it.  

3.  The immune system is of utmost importance.  

While some people had mild symptoms of Covid-19, many were extremely ill and had to be hospitalized.  

Please remember that Vitamins C and D, along with Zinc are very important for your immunity.

You may also find this article regarding Vitamin D interesting.  

4.  You cannot rely on your doctor to keep you healthy. 

When the numbers for Covid-19 were being projected, hospitals made Covid-19 patients their top priority.  People’s surgeries were postponed.  

In addition, others were not able to see their doctors.  Let this be a lesson to all of us to be our own doctors since we know our bodies better than anyone else can.  

5.  One health issue can make you more likely to become ill with other diseases. 

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, and respiratory issues such as asthma are said to be more at risk for Covid-19.  If you have health issues, it’s vital to do all you can (natural remedies, lifestyle and diet changes) to minimize them or get rid of them altogether.  

Bonus lesson:  your health is an important investment.  A small investment in your health now may help you to avoid majors issues in the future.  We still do not know all the long-term effects of having Covid.  Will these people have long-term health issues?  Will they be more prone to respiratory illnesses in the future? 

What health lessons has Covid-19 taught you?  

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