“Have you been awake all night?” said my husband at 4 am when he saw me sitting on the couch.  Yes, I had been.  It is miserable not to be able to sleep at night.  

Thankfully, that issue was resolved, and now I am able to rest well at night. 

Often we do not value what we have until we lose it.  A lack of sleep leads to irritation, mood swings, car accidents, decreased productivity, and many other undesirable effects.  

Furthermore, a lack of sleep can harm your immune system and lead to major health issues. 

Here are five ways to rest well tonight. 

1.   Exercise

When you exercise throughout the day, your body is naturally tired at night and can fall asleep better.  In college, I was mentally exhausted from a very busy class and work schedule.  However, sometimes I was unable to fall asleep due to lack of exercise.  My mind was worn out, but my body did not move much all day.  

Just make sure you are not exercising immediately before bed because the exercise could give you energy and prevent you from falling asleep.  

2.  Freshen the air in your bedroom.  

If you have been camping out of doors or have vacationed in the country, did you notice how well you slept at night?

No, you do not need to camp in a tent tonight, but you can air out your room for an hour before bed.  If it is 32 degrees outside, close your bedroom door so that the rest of your house does not cool down too much. 

Especially during the winter, it is vital to freshen the air in your bedroom because your windows have most likely been shut all day, and that fact could make your room stuffy.  

3.  Turn down the thermostat. 

It is difficult to sleep in a room that is too warm.  No, this does not mean you must freeze at night.  Add extra blankets to your bed or put on a pair of socks, but do not sleep in a hot room.  

4.  Remove toxins from your body. 

One way your body detoxes is via perspiration.  This is one reason exercise (see #1 above) is vital.  Another way your body detoxes is through the digestive system.  If your digestive system is not working properly, the toxins in your body can prevent your getting a good night’s rest.  

5.  Limit caffeinated beverage consumption to your mornings.  

While caffeine has zero effect on some people, most people cannot drink eight ounces of caffeine and fall asleep within 10 minutes.  

Caffeine is designed to keep you awake, but if it is keeping you awake at night, you will need more caffeine in the morning and throughout a day when you did not sleep well.  It is a vicious cycle.  

Bonus tip #1:  Check your thyroid.  If you are having trouble sleeping at night, you may have an overactive thyroid.  Your body cannot calm down to be able to sleep.  

Bonus tip #2:  Read a real book for an hour before bed.  Avoiding screens and relaxing through reading can help your body wind down and fall asleep more quickly. 

If you are tired of dealing with various health issues and want to take better care of your body, I am here to help you.  Having dealt with health issues at a young age, I can relate to you more than you may realize.  I also learned the importance of taking care of seemingly minor issues before they become major ones.  Just fill out this short questionnaire, and I will be in touch within 24 hours with a personalized recommendation.  

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