2020 has been quite the year.  While it is natural to look at the chaos around us, I would like to take time to thank God for His numerous blessings to us in 2020. 

  1.  We had a place to live. 
  2.  We had food to eat.  
  3.  This year, my husband began a new job that he loves. 
  4.  It is a blessing to be able to run a business from home. 
  5.  It was an experiment to have a small container garden this year.  Next year will be even better!  
  6.  I am thankful for my faithful readers and customers. 
  7.  I am thankful for the lessons God taught me in 2020.  The main was one to trust Him more. 
  8.  It was a blessing to learn many lessons from the books I read this year.  (In 2021, look for blog posts about some of these lessons.)
  9. I am thankful for friends who care. 
  10. I am thankful for the ability to take walks in fresh air outside!
  11. I am thankful for my sight. 
  12. I am thankful for my health.  
  13. I am thankful for all the people praying for my cousin’s health.  Many of them I have never met in person. 
  14. I am thankful that our trip overseas was canceled this year and that we were not stuck there for months on end. 
  15. I am thankful for family.  
  16. I am thankful for trials and hardships.  This year was full of them, and it was an opportunity to grow my faith.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

Please share your blessings in the comments below.