Do you feel as though winter will never end?  Are you tired of the snow, ice, and cold?  The winter of 2020-2021 has certainly been more than interesting, with extremely cold weather as far south as south Texas.  The northern part of the USA has received below freezing temperatures with dangerous wind chills.  

If all this is affecting your mood, here are five tips to help you beat the winter blues.  

 1.  Send a card to a friend. 

While it can be encouraging to receive a text message, finding something other than a utility bill or junk mail in your mail box always brightens your day, doesn’t it?  By sending a card to a friend, you will brighten someone’s day and get your mind off yourself for a short time.  

2.  Plan your garden. 

One way to get winter and its woes off your mind is to plan what you will plant in your garden this spring.  While some cannot plan til after Memorial Day, others can plant much sooner.  A bonus of planning your garden now is that it will save stress later.  Plus, you will have your own fresh produce to eat this summer and fall!  

If you do not own property, you can still reap the benefits of a container garden.  

Do you need seeds, soil, compost, or new garden tools?  Now is the time to make a list of what you need and to begin to purchase it. 

3.  Declutter your home. 

Being surrounded by useless things can quickly put anyone into a sour mood.  Declutter your home to lift your spirits and to make spring cleaning that much easier!  

4.  Get some sunshine!

During late spring, summer, and early fall, it’s easy to spend countless hours outside during activities such as gardening, yard work, canoeing, hiking, biking, and picnicking.  Spending an entire winter indoors can definitely make a person very melancholy.  

Ok, there may not be an overabundance of shinine at the moment, but it helps quite a bit!  If you are working from home, bundle up and take a brisk walk during your lunch or immediately after work.  The fresh air will help you immensely too. 

5.  Keep your home bright and cheerful. 

When there is not much daylight, what can you do?  Take advantage of the daylight that there is!  Open curtains and blinds, and you will make a room more cheerful as well as warmer.  In the evenings, burn beautiful candles.  (You don’t want toxic candles, though.  I recommend only beeswax candles.)  

Some ways to make your home cheerful are to keep it clean, play music, and keep a good attitude.  To keep a good attitude, count your blessings every day! 

How do you beat the winter blues?  Please share in the comments below.  

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