After returning home from a long day of work or running errands, no one wants to smell a foul smell as they open their front door.  

A house that has an unpleasant smell is not a pleasant place to live or visit.  On the other hand, a house with a pleasant scent is welcoming and inviting–to family members and friends alike.  

People who are sensitive to chemicals may not be able to stay long in your home unless they are excellent at ignoring a headache or nausea.  

Here are seven tips to make your home smell first-class without any chemicals!

1.  Cook a delicious meal.  

Roasting meat or vegetables always makes a home smell great, especially when company or family are coming, and they are hungry!  

2.  Bake a healthy treat.  

Baked apples can make your home smell wonderful.  Don’t you love Thanksgiving time when your home smells like pumpkin pie? 

3.  Simmer some spices or citrus peels on the stove.

Cinnamon always make a home smell wonderful.  You can also dry peels from citrus fruit and simmer it on the stove.  Just a word of warning – be sure to check on the water levels in your sauce pan frequently in order to avoid burning the pan!

4.  Open the windows. 

One of the best scents in a home is that of fresh air.  It takes away the scent of stale air and airs out any unpleasant odors quickly.  

5.  Wash your dishes after every meal.  

Unwashed dishes can quickly ruin any other pleasant scents in a home.  If you keep on top of dish washing, it doesn’t take that long!  Plus, washing your dishes is an easy way to keep some pests out of your home.  

6.  Throw away your air fresheners. 

Air fresheners can cause headaches and respiratory health issues, to name just two side effects.  Plus, the scent is fake and much too strong.  Don’t be fooled by “all natural” claims.  (source)

If you want to make an easy and inexpensive air freshener, fill a clean spray bottle with water.  Add about 15 drops of lavender oil.  Shake the bottle to mix the water and essential oil and use as needed–without compromising your family’s health.  

7.  Keep your home clean. 

All of the above will not cancel out a home that hasn’t been cleaned for weeks and weeks.  In How Clean Is Your House, the authors recommend vacuuming your house twice a week.  One time you can vacuum the high traffic areas and the second time more thoroughly (using your vacuum’s attachment to get behind furniture and between objects).  

My mom taught me that the bathroom and the kitchen need to be kept clean always.  You may or may not need to clean your bathrooms each day, but the kitchen needs to be cleaned after every meal.  

What are your best tips for keeping your home smelling first-class? Please share in the comments below!

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