Do you know that being grateful is good for your health?  

Every day I write down ten things or people for whom I am grateful.  Here are just five for today: 

1.  My parents. 

My parents made many sacrifices during my life and set a great example for me.  Their strong work ethic is just one of these examples!  

2.  Books

Books have transformed my life.  The main book that has transformed my life is the Bible.  No matter how often I read certain books, I can always learn something new.  Books have inspired me in my health and homemaking journeys and have taught me how to be a better wife.  

3.  Friends

I am an introvert, and introverts do not make friends easily.  I am thankful for friends who make the effort to stay in touch.  

4.  Healthy food.

Looking back at how we used to eat, my husband and I are both grateful for our health journey and how it has positively impacted our eating habits!  It is a blessing to have fresh fruits and vegetables to eat.  

5.  Safety

We live in a crazy world, and it is a blessing how God has kept us safe.  While unpleasant circumstances do happen sometimes, it is a blessing to know that God protected us through them!

It’s your turn.  Please share some of your blessings in the comments below.