This summer has been an exceptionally hot one, and sometimes all you want to do is escape from the heat!  While the heat is good news for growing crops for farmers, it can be rather overbearing to have many triple-digit days in a row.  

During such a time, a cooler day is quite welcome and can help you with energy levels.  Here are several healthy activities you can do when the heat isn’t unbearable (you may want to keep an eye on the forecast to plan for such days).  

1. Turn off the air conditioner and air out your home. 

While the air conditioner is an excellent invention, it dries out the air and can cause serious problems for your health. Go here to read more.

Use the opportunity of a cool day to save some money and better your health.  Open your windows and leave them open as long as possible to circulate the air in your home and to get some fresh air in your home.

2.  Roast a chicken. 

When it’s 100 degrees out, you most likely have zero desire to turn on the oven.  However, if the weather is down to 70 or 75 with low humidity, it could be an ideal day to roast a chicken.  Again, you will need to watch the weather forecast and thaw the chicken a few days in advance.  You can use this chicken for meals for the future instead of purchasing lunch meat.  Go here to read more about creating tasty sandwiches at home.

3.  Work in the garden. 

If you have a garden, it can be challenging to accomplish much more than water it when the temperatures are in the triple digits!  When the weather cools down (even for an evening or afternoon), you can take advantage of a longer period of time that you can work in the garden.  Don’t forget your natural mosquito repellent!

A day or afternoon can be very therapeutic and calming.  It’s also excellent exercise, and you will get plenty of Vitamin D to boost your immunity!

4.  Complete any spring cleaning that still needs to be completed. 

Spring is an ideal time for deep cleaning because it’s not yet too warm.  Once the weather warms up significantly, washing windows is not the most pleasant task!

If your windows are clean, you can wash your car and dust and vacuum the interior!  Cleaning your car will improve the air quality in it and will help to keep you and your family healthy.

5.  Hike a favorite trail. 

Instead of exercising inside, escape to nature to appreciate the scenery, fresh air, peace, and quiet.

Of course you are under no obligation to accomplish all of these in one day, but I trust you have some ideas now!

What are your favorite healthy activities for the rare cool summer day?  Please share in the comments below!

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