Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor or a nurse.  Talk to your doctor before you add any supplements to your daily routine.  The products discussed are not mean to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  

Why should you eat breakfast?  You had dinner last night and aren’t starved yet!

Why put gas in your car?  The red light just came on 50 miles ago, there is still some gas in your tank!  I mean, the car will still drive.

Why clean your windows?  You can still see out of them!

Why text your friend?  You just talked to her a couple of days ago!

Why brush your teeth?  You don’t have any cavities!

In many areas of our lives, we are focused on maintenance and nurturing.  However, in the area of health we often wait until a major problem occurs before we will consider drinking more water, eating more vegetables, or taking some natural remedies.

You eat breakfast to have enough nutrition for your mind and body to work properly that day.  It’s a routine in your life to eat two or three meals a day.  You don’t wait until you have collapsed from hunger to eat.

You put gas in your car because it’s less stressful to keep half a tank than to worry if you will have enough gas to make it to work.

You wash your windows every so often because it’s easier to wash windows one two two times a year than it is to wait until they have 15 years of grime on them, and you need to drop everything and wash windows that day!

You text your friend because you care about her and want to maintain and nurture your relationship and not wait a month or two to let her know you have not forgotten about her.

You brush your teeth every day because you want to maintain good dental hygiene and you want to avoid cavities.

It’s easy to view natural remedies as something we desperately need when times of illness come.  While it is true that natural remedies are wonderful and helpful in times of illness, they are just as helpful–if not more so–in times of health.  It is easier, more affordable, and less stressful to maintain good health than it is to repair ill health.  I share this from personal experience.

Therefore, why take a probiotic if you are not having digestive issues?  If you are not suffering from something like heartburn or constipation, what is the point?  I am glad you asked.  Good health is not an absence of certain illness but is when your body is functioning properly. Just because you do not have heartburn, it doesn’t mean that your health is optimal.

First, let’s discuss what a probiotic is.  A probiotic is beneficial bacteria that helps your body function properly.

1.  Take a probiotic for daily health maintenance. 

You wash your hands not only when you become ill but every day and several times a day.  A probiotic is good for maintaining good health.  One factor with natural remedies is that they need time to build up in your system, and one excellent way of doing so is to take a probiotic daily.

2.  Take a probiotic for digestive health. 

Again, digestive health is something that is maintained daily.  Wouldn’t it be worth avoiding most digestive issues by investing $1-2 a day in a good probiotic?

One time my husband and I were graciously invited to a meal that included zero fiber, and we were concerned about our digestive health.  However, we were both fine after eating that meal because we had been taking our probiotics diligently.  Please note that this meal was the exception and not a normal occurrence in our diet.  Also, because we had been maintaining our gut health, we didn’t need to worry too much about just one meal that wasn’t what we usually ate.  Taking a probiotic is not an excuse to eat unhealthy food consistently.

Poor digestive health can cause a multitude of health issues as well as low energy levels.

3.  Take a probiotic for immunity. 

Over 60% of your immune health is in the gut.  While illness is usually most thought of in the winter months, it is definitely possible during any season if you do not take proper care of your immunity.

4.  Take a probiotic because it’s almost impossible to avoid being in contact with bad bacteria. 

Unless you live on an island somewhere, you will at some point come in contact with bacteria that can cause illness.  Having good bacteria in your gut can help avoid illness caused by bad bacteria.

5.  Take a probiotic to maintain healthy skin. (source)

When people, especially ladies, have skin issues, they are quick to wonder which skincare products will help them.  I am happy to recommend good skincare that will not strip their skin of beneficial oils and also remind them that taking care of our skin begins on the inside.  Go here to learn how to avoid acne.

6.  Take a probiotic daily to support your mental health.  (source)

Your gut is your second brain.  By taking good care of your gut, you are supporting your mental health.  I have often noticed that when my gut health is off, my mood suffers along with it!

7.  Take a probiotic daily for heart health.

Since a good probiotic can have anti-inflammatory properties, it can also benefit your heart.  Inflammation is not good in any part of the body, but it certainly affects the heart.  Poor heart health is very serious, and one very simple way to care for your heart is taking a probiotic daily.

Bonus tip:  Take a probiotic to help your body absorb nutrients from your food and supplements.

If you are serious about being a better steward of your health, it is better to do so sooner rather than later.  I wish I had not waited until I was in my mid-twenties to be concerned about my poor health.  It would have also been helpful to have the right products to support it.  I invite you to fill out this short questionnaire, and I will respond to you within 24 hours with a personalized recommendation.

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