When my husband began our health and wellness journey, we figured that there would be no desserts in our future since they were full of sugar, wheat, and other things that did not agree with our systems.  We said, “No,” to desserts often, and while doing so made us seem odd, it was worth it for us to avoid the stomachaches and pain brought on by eating such food.

Most desserts in the USA are made simply to enjoy something sweet after a meal.  However, these desserts are void of any nutrition and full of empty calories.  At best they are made of refined sugar.  At worst they have toxic food colorings and artificial sugars, which are worse for you than white cane sugar.  Anyone who is sensitive to gluten must avoid most conventional desserts.  Chocolate is usually milk chocolate, which means that the chocolate has been highly processed and has had sugar added to it.

Even in Europe desserts have more dark chocolate and less sugar.

Imagine our delight when I discovered healthy recipes that tasted amazing and were made with foods that we could eat.

In addition, during the summer, as much as you would like something sweet, turning on the oven could make your entire home seem like an oven.  Thanks to delicious no bake recipes, you can enjoy cool treats in minutes, even if it’s not summer, but you are short on time.

1. No bake brownie bites

This is a winner in our household along with everywhere else where we have taken the recipe!  Walnuts, almonds, dates, and cacao powder make a wonderful, rich dessert that is like eating a brownie without all the guilt.  I use cacao nibs instead of cacao powder in this recipe because that is how we like it, but you can do whatever you like!   All the ingredients can be combined in your food processor in a minute or so, formed into balls, and frozen for thirty minutes before enjoying.

If you would like to be ready for impromptu company, you can make a batch or two of these and keep them in the freezer.  Just take them out to thaw right before you serve dinner.  By the time you are ready for dessert, they will still be cool but not completely frozen.  I like to serve them with an herbal tea.

Here is the full recipe.

2.  No Bake Almond Butter Cookies 

These cookies have a few simple ingredients and are ready after 5 minutes of setting time in the freezer!  I made them with peanut butter for my husband and for our friends, and they all loved them.  As you can tell, I like to modify recipes to our liking and tastes.  For this recipe, I added cacao nibs into the recipe.  Almond butter, maple syrup, and almond flour are the main ingredients in this recipe.

These can also be made ahead of time and kept in the freezer for last-minute tea parties or guests.

Here is the full recipe.

3.  Frozen fruit

Frozen dates and blueberries make excellent desserts that will also cool you down.  These require zero preparation time yet are delicious and will satisfy any sweet tooth!  Just be sure to keep them stocked in your freezer.

While fruit is sweet, the fiber in the fruit slows down the absorption of sugar into your body.  Frozen fruit can also be an excellent snack.

Please note that if you are suffering from heartburn or other digestive issues, you may consider eating fruit as a dessert much later after your meal or thirty minutes before your meal.

What is your favorite healthy no bake dessert?  Please share in the comments.  Please also share in the comments your thoughts on any above recipes once you have tried them.

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