Today in the USA we celebrate our freedoms and our independence.

As someone who immigrated to this country in her childhood, I hope that I can appreciate this country as much as someone who was born here.

Because every country has imperfect humans living in it, our country will not be perfect.  However, I am thankful that my father followed God’s leading when he was very much misunderstood by those who should have understood him the best.  Those people wanted to leave our country of birth a few years later, but the task was not as easy as it was when we left, and it was not effortless for us.

Whether you are celebrating with family today, enjoying a day off, or going about your duties as normal–take a moment to be thankful to live in the USA.

If you are celebrating, here is a delicious and healthy recipe for homemade lemonade, some healthy and scrumptious no-bake desserts, tips to keep the mosquitoes away without harming your health, and tips to avoid or soothe sunburn.