2022 was quite the year. It was a year of adjusting to many changes, meeting new people, praying for family members fleeing a war, praying for other family members in their various health concerns, and learning new things. With all its challenges, it was a blessed year. Here is a beautiful poem to begin your new year.

“New Year’s Wishes” by Frances Ridley Havergal

What shall I wish thee?
Treasures of earth?
Songs in the springtime?
Pleasure and mirth?
Flowers on the pathway?
Skies ever clear?
Would this ensure thee
A Happy New Year?
What shall I wish thee?
What can be found
Bringing thee sunshine
All the year round?
Where is the treasure,
Lasting and dear,
That shall ensure thee
A Happy New Year?
Faith that increaseth,
Walking in light;
Hope that aboundeth,
Happy and bright;
Love that is perfect,
Casting out fear;
These shall ensure thee
A Happy New Year.
Peace in the Saviour,
Rest at His feet,
Smile of His countenance
Radiant and sweet,
Joy in His presence!
Christ ever near!
This will ensure thee
A Happy New Year.


How do you usually ring in the New Year? What goals do you have for this year? Feel free to share in the comment section below. 🙂

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