One aspect of health that is often overlooked during the winter is staying warm.  It’s easy to become ill when your throat is exposed to the cold, or when you are outside for prolonged periods of time without adequate clothing.

Sometimes even though you have the furnace on full blast on a sunny day, it’s still cold!  When we went through a couple of polar vortexes in the Midwest of the USA, the heat was on the highest setting, and it still was not warm in our home.

 1.  Dress in layers. 

When it is cold, you cannot dress like you are in Hawaii in June and expect to be warm.  🙂  Wear multiple layers because warm air becomes trapped between the layers.  If possible, wear the warmest layer closest to your skin.

2.  Drink your favorite warm beverages. 

Instead of drinking ice water or even room temperature water, drink tea or hot chocolate (here is a recipe to make healthy and delicious hot chocolate at home).  This is where I often fail.  I am quite accustomed to drinking water all summer and fall and forget to switch to drinking tea in the cold winter months.  Warm beverages are also beneficial for good digestion.  In addition, some herbal teas can boost your immunity!  

3.  Wear wool. 

Wool socks, sweaters, scarves, and tights are essential to keep you warm.  Be sure they are 100% wool or wool and cotton.  Synthetic fabrics don’t help me to stay warm.

4.  Eat soups!

Homemade soups are healthy (as long as you don’t add MSG flavoring), filling, and economical.  They will warm up your home while they are cooking and keep you warm even after you finish eating.  As a bonus, they are also excellent for your digestion!

5.  Wear multiple layers on your feet. 

You can wear socks and slippers for the layering effect.  Slippers that are like shoes keep you feet even warmer.  Sometimes I will wear tights, socks, and slippers.

6.  Doing housework will help to keep you warm!

If you cannot go outside to exercise, you can exercise at home.  Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping always warm me up.  Hand washing dishes will keep you warm too.

7.  At night, layer as many blankets on your bed as possible.  

Again, wool is the key here.  Down comforters are also excellent for keeping you warm at night.  If you have a corner bedroom that faces north, you may want to add a layer of wool underneath your usual night clothing.

Staying warm outside can be even more challenging. Again, wear multiple layers.  Be sure to have a warm hat (fur is helpful) to cover your head.  A A hood on your coat can help too.  Wear a wool scarf around your neck and the warmest gloves you can get.  Boots are essential for keeping your feet dry and warm.  A union suit made of wool would help tremendously as well.

Most importantly, when it is bitterly cold, do not be outside for longer periods of time than necessary.  Save your errands for another day, or accomplish them before the bitterly cold day by planning ahead and carefully monitoring the weather forecast.

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How do you stay warm when it’s frigid outside? Please share in the comments!  

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