Winter seems to be a season that people either love or hate.  While most of us probably have our favorite season or two, it would not hurt to look on the bright side of the season and find ways to enjoy it.

If you are blessed to live in a place that has all four seasons, winter can be a welcome change from the busyness of summer and fall and also a time to slow down.

1.  Wintertime is a break from yardwork.  

While yardwork can be outstanding exercise, it can be tough on the body, especially when a person already has a job that demands much from him.  Breaks from certain kinds of work can be refreshing and are needed.

2.  Winter is a lovely time to enjoy your favorite hot beverages. 

During summer, I drink mainly water, but winter is the perfect time to drink nourishing beverages that will also warm the body.  My two favorite hot beverages are healthy homemade hot chocolate and Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea.

3.  Winter is a beautiful time to read. 

When there is a blizzard or an ice day, you have the choice to complain or to enjoy something that you can do inside.  Reading is relaxing and also educational.  Go here to learn more benefits of reading.  Since the days of winter are shorter, why not clear your schedule after dinner and read after you wash the dishes?

4.  Winter is an opportunity to rest more. 

Again, there is not much work that needs to be completed outside, and it’s not yet time for spring cleaning.  Use the opportunity to rest more, whether it is taking naps or going to bed early.  Let your body get a break before spring cleaning and gardening planting season begin!

5.  Winter presents an opportunity to plan. 

You can plan your garden, your reading list, a summer vacation, spring cleaning, or whatever else your heart desires.  Take time to reflect on last year and ponder what you would like to change.  What successes did you have last year that you would like to repeat this year?

6.  Winter gives to us the joys of being home more. 

Because winter weather can be unpredictable, staying home more is a pleasure.  I do not like to take risks on icy roads.  If the snow plows will be out, I like to be home.  While you may not be able to have that same flexibility, you can make plans to be home certain evenings, with no exceptions unless there is an emergency.

While you are home, cook dinner as a family.  Take time to set the table and eat together as a family–slowly.  While you are cooking, make a huge batch of soup to eat as leftovers another day of the week or to freeze for a later date.

7.  Winter is a beautiful time to enjoy the crisp, fresh air outside. 

You can do this by taking walks outside (just bundle up first) and by airing out your home.  You will sleep better at night if you get some fresh air during the day and if you air out your bedroom.  Go here to read more about your home’s air quality.

Bonus tip:

Winter can be a time to get organized. 

You can declutter and organize a room, cabinet, or drawer that has been bothering you for ages.  You can also create a better plan to keep your home clean or better meal plan.

While this list can seem to contradict itself, it is possible to get a few things accomplished and yet still go to bed early and get more rest.  What I would like for you to consider is to slow down during winter.  We live in a society that thinks you’re not much if you aren’t going nonstop sixteen or more hours during the day, but that kind of schedule is neither realistic nor healthy.  If winter is your busy season at work, make it a point to get extra rest on the weekends.  Listen to your body and rest when it tells you to rest.

Even if people think you are odd because you are home more, what does it matter if you are doing the best for yourself and your family?

There are seven joys of winter.  What joys do you experience during winter?  Please share in the comments below.