Winter is a beautiful season.  I love to see evergreens decorated by sparkling snow.  Although it does get cold, we can thrive during winter with these essentials:

1. Good books to read

Winter is the perfect season to read since we spend more time inside.  Reading is one of the ways I relax and also learn new things.

Here are some of my favorite books to read in the winter:  A Daily Rate by Grace Livingston Hill, The Obsession of Victoria Gracen by Grace Livingston Hill, and Interrupted by Isabella Alden.  One of my favorite nonfiction books is Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Rose.

Winter is the perfect time to read all those books you have been meaning to read for months!

2.  Soup

Soup is a wonderful meal because it often tastes better the second day.  In addition, soup keeps you warm and is nutritious if made correctly!  Furthermore, it will warm up your home–or at least your kitchen–while it is cooking.

3.  Quality skincare

Since the weather is much drier in the winter that it is vital to protect the skin against the elements.  This quality skincare kit includes even an overnight gel mask!  Aloe Lips is perfect for your lips, and Aloe Moisturizing Lotion and Aloe Propolis Creme have really helped to keep our family’s hands smooth during the winter.

4.  Warm beverages

Warm beverages are an essential because they keep you warm and also can help your digestion.  Make your own healthy hot chocolate at home or enjoy an herbal tea before bed to help you wind down.  You may want to make a thermos full of your favorite hot beverage and have it available to drink all day.

5.  Warm clothes

Wool is the best material for staying warm.  You will want wool socks, wool legwear (here are some quality wool tights), and wool base layers if possible.  Also, do not forget hats, scarves, gloves or mittens (mittens will keep your hands warmer), a sturdy pair of boots, and a warm coat.

6.  Warm bedding

You will want to stay toasty warm at night with a down comforter and/or wool blanket.  Homemade quilts are cozy too.  Be sure to have extra blankets for each bed for when those polar vortexes occur.  Also, flannel sheets make such a difference in staying warm at night.  SOL Organix has excellent quality sheets.

7.  A snow shovel

Make sure you have a good snow shovel or snow blower and fuel for it for when those snow storms come.  Even if someone else will come to shovel your driveway and sidewalks for you, it does not hurt to have a snow shovel handy.

8.  Hair oil

Winter weather is hard not only on the skin but also on the hair.  Rub just a little bit of this amazing hair oil into your hair after washing it.  As a bonus, this product has an amazing scent.  Care for your hair with a blend of aloe and six silicone-free botanical oils that provides moisture, shine and frizz control. This rich yet lightweight oil features a quick-absorbing formula that glides through hair easily without weighing it down.

9.  Extra rest

It’s easier to go to sleep earlier when the sun sets much earlier.  Spring will come soon, and with it garden planting, spring cleaning, and many other outside activities.  Get some extra sleep this winter, and your body will thank you.  Rest is one of the best natural remedies!

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What are your favorite winter essentials?  Please share in the comments below.  I read all comments and do my best to reply to all of them.