Recently I wrote about how to read more.  In case you missed it, you can go here to learn some of the benefits of reading.  One of my best tips about how to read more, I saved for today’s blog post, and that is to listen to audio books.

Audio books have kept me company when I was alone for endless hours at a time.  They also help me to be more productive.  In addition, listening to audio books has helped me to “read” more.

There are various audio books available – biographies, organization books, homemaking books, fiction, history, and many more.  You can listen to a nonfiction book until you need a break from it and listen to another more soothing book.  If you prefer, you can listen to one book before beginning another; you can also listen to a different book based on your mood.

1. I enjoy audio books because they help me to read more. 

It’s easy to double the number of books I read by listening to audio books in my spare minutes or while I am doing something with my hands.  Reading helps me to learn, and audiobooks help me to learn even more!

2.  Audio books help me to maximize my time.  

When I am washing the dishes or cooking a meal, I can also listen to an audiobook.  While I am dusting or ironing, an audiobook can keep me company and even help me to forget that I am working.

3.  Audio books pair well with with physical or ebooks. 

One way to finish reading a book more quickly is to listen to parts of it while I am driving or cleaning.  Then, when I have time to sit down and read, I can resume reading.  It’s quite interesting to switch between listening and reading.

4.  Audio books keep me off social media.  

Yes, social media has its benefits, but two hours of social media can overwhelm me while two hours of a good audio book can teach me some valuable lessons.

5.  Audio books are comforting companions during times of rest. 

At times when I am too tired to read, I can turn on an audio book.  This way, I can read without needing to hold a book.  Lying down and listening to a book can be quite soothing and relaxing for those of us who do not read well while lying down.  I am not sure about you, but I don’t like the thought of a book falling on my face!  🙂

Bonus tip:

6.  Listening to an audio book makes the time fly. 

When I am doing a task I do not particularly anticipate with eagerness, I turn on an audiobook.  The task becomes a pleasure, and I want to continue working so that I can continue to listen to my book!

You can make mindless chores fly by quickly by listening to an audio book!

One of my favorite sources of audio books is LibriVox.  You can find audio books on their website, YouTube Channel or the LibriVox app on your smartphone.  For the best listening experience, I recommend using the app or YouTube.  On their website, you will need to start each new chapter manually; the app and YouTube provide a seamless listening experience.

I like LibriVox because there are hundreds of hours of listening to classic books such as the Elsie Dinsmore and Mildred Keith series by Martha Finley, Isabella Alden books, and many others.

What about you?  Do you listen to audio books?  What makes them enjoyable to you?

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