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Back to school can be a dreaded experience, but it does not need to be.  When summer is finished and vacations are memories, it’s the perfect time to take full advantage of structure and routine to take the best care of yourself possible.

Back to school also means that you and your children will be exposed to much more harmful bacteria.  Others around you may not be as healthy, and they can spread illness to you. Go here to read my article “3 Tips for a Healthy Back to School.”

Back to school means fall is coming, and it’s important to have a strong immune system for fall and cold weather.  When you and your children have a strong immune system, life will be more pleasant and less stressful.

If you want your children to excel in school or college, they need to feel their best.  Here are some essentials to a healthy back to school:

Healthy meals

Healthy meals are important for maintaining energy levels as well as immune systems.

Since healthy such a broad term, let me define it for you from my perspective.  Eating real food is the best way. This means steering clear of chips, cereal bars (most are full of sugar and chemicals), goldfish crackers, and candy.

For breakfast, you and your children can have an omelet with chicken and veggies.  You can also make breakfast burritos ahead of time and freeze them for a very quick breakfast.

For lunch, leftovers from dinner can be ideal.  Another option is cut up fruits and vegetables, boiled chicken breast, and some nuts.

For dinner, consider freezer cooking before school begins and every month or so in order to ensure that your family is eating the best and most nutritional meals possible.

In the event that you need to eat out or need something on the go, here are the best casual fast food restaurants recommended by Dr. Josh Axe.  On the other hand, here are 10 chain restaurants to avoid at all cost!

A high quality multi-vitamin

No matter how healthy you eat–and, yes, I recommend eating healthy–it is not possible to receive all the nutrition you need from your food.  A good multi-vitamin will fill in the nutritional gaps of your diet.  This one has no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors and has many different fruits and vegetables in it.  It’s chewable and ideal for adults and children alike.

Pure water

Whether you are 5, 35, or 95 year old, you need pure water to drink.  Most tap water has very toxic chemicals added to it–ones that can give you serious health issues.  City water often has arsenic in it.  Isn’t that terrible?

To avoid bad water and to drink pure water, I recommend getting water from a spring near you or from a co-op (they have reverse osmosis filtered water).  In addition, you can install a high quality filter in your own home.  Be sure to take this water with you when you are out and about and send it with your children to school.  Go here to read more about the dangers of dehydration.

Gentle yet effective hand sanitizer

Every good school has an excellent, hard-working janitor.  However, with such a large number of students in each classroom, hallway, library, and cafeteria, it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the germs.  In school and in life, germs are everywhere.  They are on door knobs, light switches, desks, and almost every surface.

Hand sanitizer should kill most of the germs while moisturizing and conditioning the hands.  This is my favorite hand sanitizer because it does not smell like alcohol, and it contains aloe and honey to condition the hands.  It’s important to keep your hands moisturized because dry hands allow germs into your body, and these germs can make you sick.

Aloe Heat Lotion

It’s perfect for active children who, as a result, suffer from sore muscles.  This lotion’s first ingredient is organically grown aloe which helps the lotion to deeply soothe the muscles (not just sit on the skin’s surface).  It’s also ideal for topically soothing a sore throat.

Bonus:  Show the teacher appreciation by giving a beautiful, practical, and thoughtful gift.  If you need some ideas, I can help.

If you are highly motivated to make this school year one with your and your children being the healthiest possible, it’s important to take action right away.  I used to have a terrible immune system, and now I am rarely under the weather.  Go here now to fill out my short questionnaire, and I will respond within 24 hours with a personalized recommendation.

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