Fall is such a beautiful time of year.  The leaves are turning colors, the weather is below 100 degrees, and the days are still long enough to enjoy plenty of time outside.

Since fall is a transition between summer and winter, staying healthy requires intentional actions on your part.

Here are three tips that have helped my family:

1. Dress in layers.

Fall weather is unpredictable.  One day it feels like summer; the next day it feels more like fall or winter.  Even when the sun is shining, it’s important to remember that summer is gone, and the wind can make the weather feel chilly.

Always have a warm sweater and/or light jacket with you to stay warm.  In addition, remember that sandals and flip flops may be sufficient for summer, but they will not keep your feet warm in the fall. 

Also, keep a scarf with you.  Keeping your neck warm can help to avoid sore throats. 

2.  Eat local and seasonal produce.

Nutrition is vital for your body in the fluctuating temperatures. 

Most of the time, your best option for food is local and seasonal.  Local means that it was harvested ripe and also did not need to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to you.  Food grown locally is usually fresher than food grown far away.  It also has more antioxidants because of its longer exposure to the sun. 

Eating local also ensures that you are supporting your local economy. 

Seasonal is important because the food has not been stored for months (as oranges have been now) and lost its nutritional value–and flavor. 

If you have a garden, it’s your best way to eat this fall.  If you do not, shop from local farmers and at a co-op. 

My husband and I have been enjoying spaghetti squash, and we plan to enjoy pumpkin and butternut squash soon as well.

3.  Avoid sugary beverages.

You know sugar-laden desserts are unhealthy for you. Before you indulge in a pumpkin-flavored coffee, ask about the nutritional information–specifically the sugar content.  It may shock you. 

It’s vital to keep your sugar consumption to a minimum in order to keep your immune system functioning well. 

Instead of consuming sugary beverages, drink more water and herbal teas.

If you are tired of being ill every fall and winter, I know how you feel.  I used to spend an entire week in bed because of an upper respiratory infection.  The best way to deal with illness is to avoid it.  The second best way is to use natural remedies once you have it.  Whether you have already been ill or want to avoid illness, let’s talk.  I’ll share with you what has worked for me and what a doctor has to say about staying healthy this fall.  My time is limited; email me now to schedule a time to chat on the phone or on Zoom.  I would love to listen to your concerns and give you options to feel your best this fall.

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