“Ignorance is bliss,” said someone, but this statement is not true when it applies to the foods you and your family are eating on a regular basis. 

While we all must eat in order to survive, some things that we eat could be shortening our life span, or at best, significantly lowering our quality of life.

Your pantry contains many different foods and beverages.  Here are seven foods and beverages that you should replace for better health: 

1. Beverage mixes

One year while working at in a camp kitchen, my job was to mix the Kool-aid beverage for the meal.  The people who donated the food had purchased the little packets as well as numerous pounds of sugar.  To my dismay, I discovered that just one small packet of Kool-aid required one cup of sugar. 

Even before I had discovered how harmful sugar is to my body, I knew that one cup of sugar was an enormous amount for that beverage.

If you have beverage mixes in your pantry, check to see if there are artificial flavors, aspartame, or food dyes. 

For a healthier choice, buy organic juice and add a tablespoon or so to your water.

2.  Spice mixes

Spice mixes often have MSG (monosodium glutamate), a flavor enchancer. 

Here are some side effects of ingesting monosodium glutamate:

According to Dr. Mercola, “MSG has been associated with obesity, eye damage, headaches, fatigue, disorientation, depression, rapid heartbeat, and numbness and tingling.”  (source)

In addition, some spice mixes have cornmeal as their first ingredient.  I have nothing against cornmeal but do not see how it fill flavor my taco meat! 

To detox your pantry, make your own spice mixes or purchase them from a reputable source (not a big box store).

3.  Bullion cubes

Bullion cubes can make your food taste better, yet they also often contain MSG.  

After you cook chicken, freeze the broth to use later. 

4.  Bleached flour

You would not buy some bleach to eat or drink it, yet you are ingesting bleach if you are purchasing bleached flour. 

If you do use flour, make sure it is non-bleached all purpose or whole wheat flour.

5.  Baking mixes

After taking home economics class in junior high, I took it upon myself to be my family’s baker.  It was a rewarding job.  Mom had purchased many cake mixes on sale, and I used them.  All that was required for a delicious cake was to add oil and eggs! 

My baking adventures were flourishing until my father checked what was in the baking mixes.  He said, “You don’t need that many ingredients in your cake.”  After that, I made the cakes from scratch, and it was not much more work.

If you are purchasing cake, pancake, and other baking mixes, you may be surprised at what you are eating. 

Bake from scratch with high quality ingredients to help your family be healthier.

6.  Baking powder

When you are baking from scratch, baking powder will be one of your staples most likely.  If you purchase your baking powder from a big box store, it has aluminum in it.

The Wellness Mama has an extensive article on aluminum here.

To detox your pantry, purchase aluminum-free baking powder or make your own.

7.  Cereal

Cereal is often seen as a quick and simple breakfast food, yet it is full of sugar, food coloring, artificial flavors, and other mysterious ingredients.  Has a bowl of cereal ever filled you up?

Cereal is a very highly processed food.  For healthier cereal alternatives, consider buckwheat, oatmeal, or granola for breakfast. 

Have you been eating many of the above foods?  While it is an excellent idea to replace these foods with healthier alternatives, the unhealthy foods you have been eating for years do not simply disappear from your body.  It’s time for a total body re-set.  This total body re-set will help you make healthier eating choices and begin removing stored toxins from your body.  If you are ready to take the first step, let’s talk on the phone or Zoom.  Email me here now, and I will respond within 24 hours.  I would love to hear what is not working for you right now and share my success story along with many happy clients’ success stories.

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