New Year’s Resolutions can be broken as quickly as they are made.  However, you can make small goals that will make a large impact in your health.

You do not need to wait for a certain date on the calendar.  Choose one of these and begin today!

1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.  

Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and many vitamins.  When possible, buy local (or grow your own).  Forget the processed foods that are full of sugar (sometimes several types), bleach, and other undesirable ingredients and eat real food!  You will be surprised at what a difference it will make in how you feel.

2.  Cook from scratch. 

Again, instead of buying mixes and instant foods, make your own food from scratch.  You will have a valuable skill and save thousands of dollars on future medical bills.

Go here to learn more about the benefits of eating at home and here about how to save time in the kitchen.

3.  Exercise at least five days a week. 

If you are not exercising at all, begin by taking a walk around the block each day.  Every few days, lenghten your walk by a few minutes.  If you like nature, invite a friend to join you on a hike.

Exercise will help your body get rid of toxins, improve your mood, help you to manage your weight, and help you sleep better at night, just to name a few benefits.

4.  Stay hydrated. 

Remember that sugary beverages hydrate you.  Drink pure water, and you may decrease the number of headaches you get.  Water is also vital for good digestion.

5.  Replace toxic personal and skincare products with more natural ones.  

You will save money and will also avoid some health issues such an allergies and imbalances hormones by using higher quality, more natural skincare and personal care products.  Yes, this includes your cleaning supplies!

6.  Keep your stress levels low. 

Stress is a silent killer.  Take time each day to de-stress.  Better yet, learn what stressed you out and be proactive in limiting that stress!  Being in nature, listening to calming music, and limiting your consumption of the news can all help to keep your stress levels at a minimum.

7.  Take your vitamins consistently.   

If you do not take any vitamins, I recommend at least a high quality multi-vitamin.  Take it consistently to help fill the nutritonal gaps in your diet.  If you are suffering from a health issue or not eating as healthy as you would like, you will need more than a multi-vitamin.

Bonus tip #1:  eat meat raised locally without antibiotics or hormones.  You will be supporting a local farmer and also avoiding antibiotics and hormones that the animal consumed.

Bonus #2:  be grateful.  If you do not list your blessings each day, begin today.  Yes, gratitude is good for your health!

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