Sometimes it is easy to get caught off guard and to become ill.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I emphasize the importance of avoiding illness rather than reacting when you become ill.  While you may not be able to avoid every time of illness, you may be able to avoid most of it.

In order to avoid illness, it’s vital to be aware when your immune system is most like to be under attack.  When you know your immune system will be attacked, you can plan ahead.

1.  Your immune system is under attack during times of stress. 

When we think of stress, an unpleasant job, drama, and unpleasant situations come to mind.  While it is true that all those situations can be stressful, stress happens during times of change and transition.

If you are getting married, that can cause extra stress on you.  Leaving a stressful job can be stressful too!  If you are moving into your dream home, that is another stressful situation.

Stress can make you ill because it depletes vitamins C and D, which are necessary for your immunity to function properly.  

2.  Your immune system is under attack during times of travel.  

Whether or not you like to travel, traveling is sometimes a necessity.  If you are traveling internationally–or even changing a couple of time zones–you may experience jet lag that disrupts your eating and sleeping times.

When you travel, you are encountering more germs than usual (think trains, planes, hotel rooms, and the list goes on).

Even if you are traveling by car, your mealtimes are often not at a table, and it’s easy to forgo hand washing before meals–when you need to wash your hands the most!

If your travels plans are changed due to mechanical or weather issues, illness, or a missed flight, your stress levels can surely soar.  

3.  During changing seasons, your immune system is under attack. 

While people may think that cold weather makes them ill, it is more often fluctuating weather.  Between seasons, one day may be extremely warm, with the next day being frigid.  These fluctuations in weather make it challenging for your immune system to adjust.

What is the solution, you ask?  I am glad you asked.  During the above mentioned times, it is essential to take excellent care of your immunity.  If you will be travling, it’s imporatnt to prepare your immunity for travel at least two weeks before your departure.

Before the change of seasons, you can do a full-body reset in the form of a cleanse.

During prolonged times of stress, it’s vital to take excellent care of yourself.  Get as much sleep as possible.  Eat a healthy diet.

Sometimes travel must be spontaneous.  Times of stress often do not announce themselves.  This is why you must take care of your immune system at all times.  Please do not let your guard down!

If you are serious about boosting your immunity, it is important to take action before some catastrophe occurs.  Procrastination is natural but not helpful.  If your immunity is a high priority to you and you want to know the best natural remedies for it, just fill out this short questionnaire, and I will respond to you within 24 hours with a personalized recommendation.