“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”  – Benjamin Franklin

Waking up later in the day can cause stress, tardiness, lack of focus, and a general feeling of being “behind.”  If you want to have more successful days, you may consider early rising.  

I used to stay up extremely late to do work but learned that I was making many mistakes, and the late nights meant late mornings. It was chaotic.  

The Bible has many references to early rising.  May it is something for us to consider implementing in our lives?  

Here are just five benefits of early rising: 

1.  You wake up to peace and quiet.  

If you wake up early, before the rest of your family members are up, you will have peace and quiet.  If you are an introvert, this peace and quiet is very precious!  

You can hear the birds singing in the morning and begin your day in a peaceful way, instead of beginning it with chaos. 

When you rise early, you are unlikely to have four to five text messages that seem they must be answered immediately!  

2.  Rising early eliminates much rushing. 

If rushing stresses you out, you may consider waking early.  This practice will help you to have more time to complete the tasks you need to accomplish before you begin serving your family members.  

For me, rising early means that I have time to read my Bible without constantly checking the time to make sure I will not be late to where I need to be at a certain time.  

3.  You have time to prepare for the day. 

Instead of beginning your day the second you wake up, early rising allows you to look over your to-do list and to plan and prepare for what needs to be accomplished.  Instead of “winging” it, you can begin your day with a purpose and a plan.  

4.  Early rising makes sense because your most restful sleep is before midnight.  

Any sleep you get after midnight is not as beneficial as the sleep you get before midnight.  When you are rising early, you will be ready to retire at an early hour too.  Therefore, the quality of your sleep may improve.  

5.  You will have more time.  

“Wake up an hour early to live an hour more.” – Unknown

If you have a realistic to-do list and are unable to complete it, early rising can help you.  Here are a few quiet tasks that can be completed while the rest of your family is not yet awake (or if you do not want to wake up neighbors): 

  • Writing letters or thank you notes
    Dusting furniture
    Starting a load of laundry
    Folding laundry 
    Paying bills
    Reading a book or studying 
    Writing to-do lists or shopping lists 
    Planning the menu for the day or for the week
    Placing food in the crock pot for that day’s dinner 

Do you have a habit of rising early?  Please share in the comments the benefits that you have received from this practice.  

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