Reading has changed my life.  As a young person I loved to read.  Between the busyness of high school, college, and working multiple jobs, I rarely read.  A few years ago I made a goal to read one book a month.  That twelve-book goal was met by the beginning of March, and continuing to read has improved my mind and taught me as much as I learned during my four years of college.

Reading has helped me to recover from burn out, inspired me on my health and wellness and homemaking journeys, and taught me much about history.  Biographies and historical fiction have inspired me in my faith as well as my practical everyday life.

If you love to read, I trust these seven quotes will encourage you to continue to read.  If you do not read or wish you read more, I trust these quotes will inspire you to make the time to read.

In case you missed it, you can read a previous blog post about the seven benefits of reading here.

1.  “We read to know we are not alone.”

Life can become lonely, but when we read, we learn that others have faced similar challenges as we have and have overcome them.  Also, when you are in a new community or group and have not yet made friends, books can be your companions.

2. “In times of storm and tempest, of indecision and desolation, a book already known and loved makes better reading than something new and untried . . . . nothing is so warming and companionable.” 

As mentioned above, books can make good companions.  Re-reading a good book is like visiting with an old friend.  When times are hard, I love to read a good book that has inspired me previously.

3.  “It’s always better to have too much to read than not enough.” – Ann Patchett

Well, if you are a minimalist, you may not agree, but I really think it is important to have books plenty of excellent books to read.  Owning books is like having your own library at home.  Whenever I go on vacation, I am always erring on the side of bringing too many books than not enough books to read.

Whenever I check out books from the library, I would rather check out one or two that I would not be able to read and would need to renew than run out of reading material.

4. “Books are delightful society.  If you go into a room and find it full of books – even without taking them off the shelves they seem to speak to you, to bid you welcome.”  – The Right Hon. William E. Gladstone

Again, if you have moved to a new area or have trouble making friends, visit a library or a room in your home where there are plenty of books!

5.  “Children are made readers in the laps of their parents.”

Parents lead by example.  If you would like your children to become readers, read books to them!

6.  “Between the pages of a book is a splendid place to be.”  – unknown

Being between the pages of a book can take you to across the country or across the ocean.  When you cannot travel, you can always read a book about another country, or a story that happened in another country.  You can also read history and learn how life was 50, 100, and 200 years ago.

7.  “A child who reads will become an adult who thinks.”  – unknown

Reading is an excellent way to learn critical thinking skills.  When a child reads history, he can question what he would do in a similar situation.  Even when he reads fiction, he can be asked questions about what he read so that he is not reading for pleasure only but is thinking about what he is reading.

What was your favorite quote from above?  Please share it and any other favorite reading quotes in the comments below!