Sandwiches can make a fast, easy meal, but they can quickly become boring as well.

Sandwiches are quite versatile and do not need to become boring, especially during the summer when it’s warm enough without heating up the house to make a meal.

Furthermore, sandwiches are easy to take on the go and are usually not too messy to eat.

I trust that these five tips will give you some ideas on how to make sandwiches more delicious, not to mention healthier as well.

1.  Skip the processed meat. 

Lunch meat is expensive, highly processed, and has sugar and nitrates.  Nitrates are not one bit beneficial for your health.

Use leftover chicken, beef, or turkey to make a more delicious and healthier sandwich.

2.  Use high quality bread.  

You can bake your own bread.  We like to use Ezekiel bread because it is made of sprouted grains and is very healthy!

If you use low quality bread, your sandwich will just not taste right.

If you are limiting your grain consumption, you can use your favorite lettuce instead of any kind of bread.

3.  Toast your bread or the entire sandwich. 

If you have never toasted your sandwich bread, you are certainly missing out!  Toasting the bread takes an extra minute or two and makes the sandwich crunchier and “gourmet” style.

4.  Always include at least one fresh vegetable. 

While in America pickles are popular for sandwiches, have you ever considered adding thinly-sliced cucumbers, onions, spinach, or avocado?

The vegetables will add nutritional value and freshness to your sandwich.

5.  Consider an open-faced sandwich. 

Open-faced sandwiches can be made to look like a work of art.  In addition, you will use only half the bread and reduce your carbohydrate intake.  Unless you have a very physically-demanding job or take long walks each day, you probably do not need to eat as much bread as you do.  🙂

Which of these tips is your favorite?  How do you make healthy, delicious sandwiches for your family?  Please share in the comments below!

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