Fall is officially in the air!  Our days and nights have both been cooler.  If you prefer cooler weather over very hot weather, you may have more energy now to clean before flu season and holidays are here.

While fall cleaning may seem like a daunting task, thanks to washing machines, part of the task is not quite so challenging because we no longer need to get water from a pump or well, bring it inside, and heat it on the stove; then to wash everything by hand!

You can schedule these tasks into the next few weeks, or take a Friday/Saturday and accomplish them all.

Doing all this laundry will reduce the amount of dust in your home and make your home smell fresh, as long as you use a non-toxic laundry detergent.

Here are nine things to launder during fall cleaning.  

1. Shower curtains

Shower curtains need to be washed regularly to avoid build up of germs and mold.  If it has been longer than a couple of weeks since you washed yours, be sure to wash it in the hottest water possible (check the care tag).  If it needs some extra attention, be sure to pre-treat it and/or soak it.

2.  Shower rugs

Shower rugs also need to be washed regularly and hung up between uses to avoid mold.  Since you will be cleaning the entire bathroom, you will want to make sure that your curtains and rugs are clean at the same time.  You may want to wash them while you are fall cleaning your bathroom so that you don’t return clean shower rugs and curtains to a bathroom that has not yet been deep cleaned.

While you are fall cleaning the bathroom, be sure to wash any decorative towels you have in there.  They are famous for collecting dust!

3.  Fall table cloths

If you have fall-themed table cloths, you will want to launder them before you use them, since they have been in storage for months and months and may be dusty.  If you have tablecloths that you use year-round, now would be an excellent time to wash them.

4.  Curtains

Curtains are also outstanding dust collectors and may also become alarmingly dirty if they are often touched.  If they are visibly soiled, you may want to soak them.  While the curtains are in the washing machine, it’s a great time to wash windows and blinds!

5.  Entry way rugs

An alarming amount of dirt and germs enter your home through your shoes, and your shoes can definitely make your entryway rugs quite dirty.  To wash your entryway rug, first spray it with a biodegradeable spray and let it soak for an hour.  If it’s small enough to fit into your washing machine, wash it in there according to manufacturer’s instructions.  If it is not, you can put it on your driveway, soak it with a hose, and scrub it with a push broom or scrub brush.  Rinse it thoroughly and let it dry in the sunshine (hanging it up somehow will allow it to dry faster).

6.  Kitchen rugs

Kitchen rugs can get dirty quickly.  Wash them like you would your entryway rugs, and be sure to do so toward the end of your kitchen deep cleaning to avoid re-washing them.  Place them on freshly-cleaned kitchen floors for best results!

7.  Summer clothes 

Before you store your summer clothes, it is wise to make sure they are clean and stain-free.  Your closet will smell better, and your clothes have less chance of smelling musty next summer when you get them back out!

8.  Winter clothes

Before you wear your gloves, hats, mittens, scarves, and coats, you will want to be sure they are clean!  If any of those items cannot be washed, you can air them outside before wearing them.

9.  Blankets and comforters

Unless you live somewhere very cold, your quilts, blankets, and comforters have been in storage or at least our of use for sevearl months.  Before your family begins using them again, wash them so that they are fresh and clean-smelling!

What items do you launder when it’s time for fall cleaning?  Please share in the comments below!  

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