Stress is quite prevalent in today’s world.  People stress about their jobs, about money, and about world situations.

Stress depletes nutrition from your body and is detrimental to your heart.  I personally know people who have lived under large amounts of stress for long periods of time, and they paid for it dearly with health issues.  When you are under large amounts of stress, it is easy to become ill because your body does not have the nutrition it needs, especially Vitamins C and D.

1. Plan ahead.  

Nothing stresses me out more than when I fail to plan ahead.  I need something for a meal, and we don’t have it because I didn’t purchase it or didn’t realize we were out of that item.

Do you have birthdays or anniversaries coming up?  Buy the presents while you remember them and not two days before the birthday.

For meals, thaw your meat ahead of time.  I had to set a reminder on my phone to accomplish this, but now it has become almost second nature to thaw meat ahead of time.

2.  Give yourself extra time when you are driving somewhere. 

If you think it will take you ten minutes to get to work, give yourself twenty minutes just in case a school bus is in front of you or the weather is worse than you expected it to be.  The worse case scenario for leaving early is that you don’t be late to your destination.

I used to be the person running out the door at the last minute, and it was very stressful.

3.  Get organized. 

Speaking of getting out the door on time, it’s challenging to do if you cannot find your shoes, keys, coat, or purse.  Prepare all that the night before.

If you are going a place for the first time, be sure that you check the estimated time of travel is during the time of day you will be traveling; otherwise, rush hour will take you by surprise.

4.  Be wise with your money. 

Money is one of the main causes of stress.  One reason that people stress about money is that they use it frivolously.  No matter how much or little money you are making, plan your meals ahead of time to save time and money and therefore reduce stress.  Don’t be fooled by thinking that the drive-through will feed you faster.  During meal times, you will eat faster if you go home and cook a simple meal, especially if your meat is thawed or cooked (use your pressure cooker and crockpot to help you here).

Planning ahead with your money is another way to be wise with it.  I’ve found it’s easy to remember the monthly bills, but the ones that come once a year, not so much.

5.  Be flexible.  

The easiest way to stress out is if you expect everything to go according to plan every moment of every day.  Often plans can be changed without much hassle if you have the right attitude.

6.  Spend less time in front of a screen. 

Yes, I realize you are reading this on a screen.  However, most of us, including me, spend too much time in front of screens.  To spend less time in front of a screen, read a book or take a walk with a friend.  Have no-screen hours or even days at your home.

7.  Spend time away from people and in nature. 

Depending on the type of work that you do, you may be in very high demand.  Mothers are in high demand too.  When life is like this, it’s good to get outside and take a walk or read outside, or just sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Being away from people doesn’t mean that you dislike them but rather that you need time alone to re-charge.  This is especially true if you are an introvert.

Bonus tip #1: realize that some things and most people are out of your control.  As much as you wish that someone you love would eat healthier or not waste their money, you can’t change that person.  You can pray for the person, though!

Bonus tip #2:  take care of your health.  It is vital to take care of your health because you don’t get another body here on earth.  While I am thankful for doctors and hospitals, often good nutrition and a proper diet will eliminate the need a doctor’s intervention.  When you become ill, it’s easy to stress about what you cannot do and how far you are getting behind during your recovery process.

If you realize that your stress levels are high, I can help you provide the nutrition that your body needs.  If you are serious about investing in your health, just go here to fill out a short questionnaire, and I will get back to you within 24 hours with a personalized recommendation.