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Fall weather is refreshing, and it reminds us that in addition to school being back in session, college classes will begin too.

Whether you live in the dorm, your own apartment, or at home, these are essentials for every college-age young person.  Some of these are to create a pleasant environment for you, and others are to help keep you well during the demanding schedule of a college student.

1.  A rug

A rug can make a room more home-like and also keep dirt out of your room.  Choose a high quality rug, and you may be able to keep it for the remainder of your life.  Instead of purchasing your rug from a big box store, consider supporting a small business owner (local or on Etsy).

2.  An indoor plant

Plants bring beauty to a room; plus, having a living plant will help to clean the air in your dorm room.  Just be sure to water it (not too little and not too much) to keep it alive and flourishing.  You can have a plant that flowers or one that is just green, like a vine.  The plant will also help you to relax, because green is a relaxing color!

3.  A lamp 

Every dorm room needs a lamp in order to have sufficient light to study.  Depending on the size of your room and how many room mates you have, you may want to have a clip-on lamp to save space and to be able to study early in the morning before classes begin.

4.  A diffuser and essential oils

Essential oils can help keep your dorm room and you healthy.  Lavender essential oil can help you wind down in the morning, and Defense Essential Oil can help you wake up in the morning (don’t use it at night!) and to clean the air in your room.  We use both in our home and love them!  Oh, and lemon essential oil can help you focus while you are studying.  Instead of buying the spray type of room air freshener, just run essential oils in your diffuser.  It will help your respiratory health and may help to avoid headaches!

5.  A good multi-vitamin

College life requires much brain work, and in order for your brain to function optimally, it needs proper nutrition.

Whether you are cooking for yourself or eating cafeteria food, it’s vital to fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet.  A good multi-vitamin will help you do that.  This is the one our family has used for over a decade, and it is coated in aloe to help you absorb those vitamins.

Please do not purchase your supplements from Walmart or other big box stores.  Their quality is questionable at best.

6.  Aloe Liquid Soap

Washing your hands is one simple way to stay healthy.  Please be aware that you do NOT need anti-bacterial soap.  Soap already kills bacteria.  You want a gentle hand soap like Aloe Liquid Soap that will also help to keep your hands hydrated instead of drying them out.  Your skin is your first defense against illness, and you certainly do not want your skin to be dry.  This soap also doubles as an excellent body wash!

7.  A good multi-purpose cleaner

With limited space in a dorm room, you want one cleaner that will clean everything.  We have used Branch Basics for about a year now, and I love that one cleaner will wash our clothes, floors, dishes, appliances, car (interior and exterior) and everything in the bathroom.  It is a concentrate that can be diluted various ways based on what is being cleaned.  It has a pleasant scent and no fragrance as well.  

8.  Shampoo and conditioner

Again, with limited space in a dorm room, you want concentrated products that will last for months.  This is the shampoo that I use, and my customers love it too.  A little goes a long way, and I do not need to wash my hair every day since I have started using this shampoo.  It is excellent for all hair types, even curly and color treated hair.

9.  First aid products

No one plans to burn their finger while cooking a meal or while ironing their clothes, but it is good to have first aid spray anyway.  Aloe First has been a lifesaver for us with burns from the kitchen, burns from the sun, and skin blemishes that pop up without being asked!  I also rub it in my hair after I wash it to promote healthy hair growth.  Its uses are endless!

10.  High quality sheets 

Every college student needs a quality set of sheets that will not need to be replaced after their sophomore year.  Our favorite brand is Sol Organics.  They are soft and yet durable.  

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